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  1. BigSix

    May 1st

    Say its not true! About 1" on the grass and still coming down in Northeast Green Bay. I already have about 150 miles on the Goldwing but I'm not going to ride today!
  2. BigSix

    A Way Shield Yourself From Harm

    That's awesome! Kinda like if a couple people have to run from something, who's going to be the easiest to catch?1 Probably me....
  3. BigSix

    Snowing Like Crazy 3-25-23

    Just did a few measurements around the house. Easily 10-12” now. Weather channel app now says heavy snow until 4pm with 4-6” additional snow. Mother Nature does what she wants when she wants. Photos of my wood rack and across the street.
  4. BigSix

    Snowing Like Crazy 3-25-23

    Channel 11 in Green Bay said unofficially 9" on the weather deck! I can barely see the houses across the street right now. I would say its been snowing about 3" per hour since about 7am. 9:30 am now. It will mostly be gone by Monday.:ROFLMAO::cry::ROFLMAO::cry:
  5. BigSix


    The Weather Service at the Green Bay airport says 9.9". Hard to measure at the house but I would concur with that amount. The snow blower was working hard this morning. Trails in this area still closed. When the sun peeks out, melting is instant at 29 degrees. Wednesday is supposed to get...
  6. BigSix

    Any good movies out there?

    Couple of suggestions: Leap Year. Kind of a chick flick but not too bad. Suggest watching it with your significant other and you may get a weekend of sledding out of it! Wife and I are hooked on Friday Night Lights. This is an old (15 years) series but still good. Streaming on Netflix. Top...
  7. BigSix

    3/7 Snowfall

    2.5" in northeast Green Bay this morning.
  8. BigSix

    3/6 Snowfall

    1/2" of slush on the northeast side of Green Bay. Trails were never open in this part of Brown County. I'm calling it now - season over here...
  9. BigSix

    3/6 Snowfall

  10. BigSix

    Feb 23 Snow

    Here in northeast Green Bay, I measured in a sheltered area and got 6", 7" and 8" within about a 20' area. So average 7". The official amount for Green Bay was 10.5" which I can see because there was some settling. We did get another 2" on Friday night. Conditions see pretty nice around...
  11. BigSix


    2+" in northeast Green Bay since mid-day yesterday and still snowing lightly. Haha, we were only supposed to have flurries! :ROFLMAO: I wonder if this is lake effect snow of the bay as it is almost totally open water again?
  12. BigSix


    3 - 3.5” in northeast Green Bay. Very heavy and wet.
  13. BigSix

    Lakewood Trail Condition

    Is there a Chippendale's in Oconto or Marinette County?
  14. BigSix


    Wow! That brings back memories! I was 11 years old in 1970. Dad had a Johnson Skee-Horse with a sled. Our whole family (parents and four kids) would ride on the snowmobile and sled. Also good memories of the snow we had in this part of the state (Green Bay) in the 1970s. The mini Ice Age!
  15. BigSix

    Snowmobile Jackets

    "That's 'cause you got leaf springs and boogie wheels". I could use a sled with those features now in this part of the state! Not enough snow for the new ones.:cry::cry:
  16. BigSix

    Snowmobile Jackets

    Laughter is the best medicine!
  17. BigSix

    January 5, 2023

    About 1" in northeast Green Bay. At least its white again.
  18. BigSix

    New Year 2023

    Gary, good words to live by, thanks! Happy New Year to all JDers and their families.
  19. BigSix

    Brown County, WI (Green Bay Area)

    We were off to a good early start for this area with the snow before Christmas. Official depth on 12/26 was 5" on the ground. Most is gone at this writing (6:45 pm on 12/29/22). The high temp on my weather station today was 47 degrees. The only snow left tomorrow morning after a low temp of 42...
  20. BigSix

    Said Goodbye to Grub

    Ditto. RIP Grub.