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    keweenaw peninsula snow report from 12/14-12/17

    I don't see many posts about conditions in the UP right now. There was a surprising amount of LES that fell overnight Thursday 12/14 in Mass City. LES continued in Twin Lakes, and Toivola all day Friday for December conditions that I haven't seen in many years. Saturday was sunny and helped...
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    09 Ski-Doo Summit x 800

    09 Ski-Doo Summit x 800 * SOLD * SOLD Ski-Doo Summit X package 800R Power TEK 2977mi
 KYB shocks rebuilt last year 146 x 2.3" non-ported track in excellent condition
 $4500 OBO Located in SE WI
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    Tunnel Storage Options

    Ski-Doo Linq Medium Tunnel Bag
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    Which Load Range Tires for 4-Place Open

    Time for some new tires on the TK trailer. Its a 4-place dual axle that we occasionally use to haul four 146"-154" 2-stroke mountain sleds. The front axle seems like it carries most of the weight on this trailer. We currently have range "C" tires. Thinking about get two higher range tires...
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    Put Your Snowmobile Club On Here............
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    Team Kesslers @ Togwotee 2/28 - 3/4

    We had a great trip! 2 Trucks, 2 trailers, 2 Airplanes, 10 Guys & Sleds all back in one piece.
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    Team Kesslers 2014 SnoDeo

    Videos: - - - Updated - - -
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    Team Kesslers Togwotee Review/Trip Report

    TK is headed out to WY again right now. Roads were not very good this morning. Follow them:!/teamkesslers
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    Sled Wraps
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    Can I use a Car Battery on a E-Start Sled?

    1998 arctic cat panther with a bad battery. Its been sitting for a few years so before I go out and buy a new battery I want to start the sled up to see how its running. Can I use a 550CCA car battery? Im worried it has too much amperage for the sled?
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    Team Kesslers Video Clips from 12-11

    Twin Lakes & Mass City Area <iframe frameborder="0" height="540" width="960" src="" scrolling="no"></iframe> <iframe frameborder="0" height="540" width="960" src="" scrolling="no"></iframe>
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    test emb vid

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    What type of wood to use on the TK trailer?

    Need to redeck the 4 place Team Kesslers open trailer. The original deck lasted about 15 years. Anyone know what type of plywood Karavan and Floe use on new trailers? 6 sheets of 3/4" Treated is ~$200 vs Marine Grade at $400.