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    How many trips planned and where?

    West Yellowstone Dec 22- Jan 2 Ontonogon MI Jan 13-17 Eagle River WI Jan 26-29 Bathurst NB Feb 3-11 Near JackMan ME Feb 12-17
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    Eagle River area pit stops?

    If you like ribs, go to Wild Turkey in Conover
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    Riding in Maine?

    Looking for suggestions regarding trail riding in Maine. Never been out East Riding and would appreciate feedback from the group on riding out there. We trail ride out west and are not concerned with having lots of places to stop. Ride 150 to 250 miles a day. Need an area that we can ride for...
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    Trail riding out west Mar 7-14

    Anyone interested in putting on some decent miles out west (West Yellowstone/Island Park, Togwotee) the 2nd week of March?
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    West Yellowstone 2/2 - 2/11

    Any interest in heading to west yellowstone and primarily trail riding? Dan
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    N Ontario ride next week

    Anyone interested in a 2 or 3 day ride in N Ontario next week? Timmins area?
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    Out west Christmas or before until new year

    Anyone interested in heading west over the holidays? Would want to do primarily trail riding. However some off trail would be fine. I was thinking either West Yellowstone which I know pretty well or Togwotee area. I could leave a couple days before Christmas or as late as the 26th in the am...
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    West Yellowstone 12/26-1/2

    Is anyone from the Midwest interested in driving to west Yellowstone to trail ride outside the park 12/26 - 1/2?
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    Anyone riding Eagle River WI area 12/27 & 28?

    Planning on leaving central il fri dec 26 am and riding Eagle River area on 12/27 & 12/28. Anyone interested in putting in some miles?
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    Riding Houghton MI area 12/19-12/23

    Looks like the weather changed back to Winter! I am planning on heading to Houghton 12/18 and riding 12/19 to 12/23. Head home evening 12/23. Anyone interested in riding together up there? With the conditions, I plan on just sticking to the trails! I ride a 2015 Skidoo Renegade 600...
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    Riding Dec 1st in U.P.??

    Anyone planning on heading to the UP on Dec 1st through the weekend? Have the week off work and considering heading up.
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    Heading to N Wis or W. UP - 12/20

    I am heading to either Eagle River WI area or Western UP next Friday 12/20 for a 1 day ride. If the trails are in good condition in Eagle River, preference will be to go there. Returning on Sunday 12/22 am. Plan to break in my sled so it won't be a super fast ride but plan on spending quite a...
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    Trip to Houghton MI Jan 19-22

    Anyone interested in heading to Houghton on Thursday PM and returning Sun am? May be able to extend to Mon but for sure Sun. I am in Central IL and will be heading north on I-39. My riding preference is to trail ride 200+ miles per day. Non-drinker. Don't mind if someone wants to have a few...
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    Anyone from the Midwest want to load up and head West Dec. 22 - Jan1?

    I am tired of the rain and warm temps. Planning on heading West the 22nd through the 1st. Probably Jackson WY and Island Park/West Yellowstone. I have a 12ft 2 place enclosed and Quad Cab Silverado. Anyone from the Midwest interested in joining up to go riding?
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    Ride Eagle River (area) WI - Feb 12

    Looking for someone to ride around Eagle River on Friday 2/12. I plan on riding a couple hundred miles. Send me an email @