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    Wakefield access in question this winter.

    Looks like may not have access to Wakefield this winter see northwoods snowmobile post on facebook.
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    So.......I started a project, My new Garage!

    Not sure if garage is the right description for what you have built here, you are sure to be the envy of all the neighbors. At least it's been staying fairly mild weather wise so far this fall and hopefully will hold out for you until you can get the heat hooked up. After that bring on the cold...
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    So.......I started a project, My new Garage!

    Amazing how quickly this is coming together now, so much work but it will be so worth it, Love the photos, keep them coming, Thanks for sharing.
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    So.......I started a project, My new Garage!

    Thanks for the update should really start coming together in the next few weeks and hopefully done just in time for an early, snowy winter.
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    So.......I started a project, My new Garage!

    any new pictures on this project pclark? Luv watching the progress on building projects. Johns is really fun watching as their new house comes together.
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    May not be allowed but made me chuckle!

    Every politician should serve two terms, one in office & one in prison.( Sorry if this breaks the rules.)
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    Joke of the day

    Someone left the bag of idiots wide open, That's why we have to deal with this now!
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    Drinking our kid's education funds

    A husband and wife returned home from their day of errands and were telling their kids about how they had been stuck in an elevator at one of the stores. And the kids asked them if they got out and that's when they made a pact to drink the funds they had saved for the kid's educations.
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    bad dad joke

    Did you know that even if a bear is wearing socks, he still has bear feet?
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    The Season in Review with Pictures

    This thread should hold us over till next season, thank you all for sharing, About July 4th this will be good to revisit.
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    Conditions near Mercer, WI 3-25 & 26

    Wow a guy could throw their back out with that one! To Funny, A very long time ago our first saddle bag trip don't recall exactly where but kept seeing a sign that said bfr ahead after a mile or so we came to a really big rock that had bfr spray painted on it. someone had a good sense of...
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    Conditions near Mercer, WI 3-25 & 26

    I think we got there around 5:15 we would have gotten there sooner but had to work till 2 and then when we got to the two lane on 51 they had the road closed by the gangster park due to an accident, so they detoured us up to D so by the time we got checked in and unloaded I would estimate we...
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    Conditions near Mercer, WI 3-25 & 26

    lotsfire we headed to Mercer Sat after work stayed at Great Northern at one point counted 20 trucks with trailers on Sat in the parking lot got up early Sunday on the trail by 6AM, We watched the groomer go by Sat, night, Mercer trails were great, ran into only two other sleds and they were...
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    Worth the trip Sunday AM to Mercer for the Day, What you all think?

    We have to work till 2PM Saturday and will head up after that so we can get up early Sunday and hit the trail before it starts to warm. Don't mind imperfect conditions for one last ride just happy to get one more in, sure can't complain after an exceptional season.
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    Worth the trip Sunday AM to Mercer for the Day, What you all think?

    Thanks guys, going to go for it what's the worst that could happen!
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    Lincoln County Trails to close at Midnight

    X 2 Indy was hoping for 1 more Sunday ride guess we'll see. Harrison hills were also excellent Sunday.
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    Tomahawk update 3-14-23

    Yes they are were.
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    2024 Yamaha.Is it going to happen?

    dfattack I second that, My 14 vector is getting some miles on it, told my hubby not trading till Yami comes out with true Yami again with power steering, push button reverse and heated seat, looks like my dream sled won't happen. So will see which brand offers something close when the time...
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    Boulder, Sayner, MW 3/2 ride

    heading up in a few should be riding by 7, was watching some of the live cams yesterday looks like heavy traffic again this weekend, we are usually getting off the trail by the time it's getting busy. Going to miss these early morning rides once we have to call it a season.