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    New Copper mine might be coming to the Porcupine Mountains

    I have to laugh a bit when I hear about scaring the land , when mother nature decides to flood and wash out a hill side , or rip trees from the ground with a tornado she just does 2 shits less bout what the trip over there own feet DNR says or thinks.
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    Thank you for the Journal Nora

    loved it, thank you
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    Interesting Snowmobiling pictures

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    Grooming history

    Found it several years ago about 15 miles from my house, brought it home and rebuilt the entire undercarriage including new tracks. the boon dock inn in Twin Lakes , MI is having a vintage sled ride this weekend and bonfire cookout Saturday out in the woods...i am gonna take the lil snocat up...
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    Grooming history

    Here ya go
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    Grooming history

    here is a pic of my 1972 Bombardier skidozer model SV200. Ford straight 6 gas engine and auto trans, i do have the front blade for it as well. fun toy to play with in the winter, yes it will get stuck.
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    VOTE! Best Burgers in Wisconsin

    Pipeline bar and Grill....Breed , WI
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    What about 2 season old fuel?

    Euphoric is spot on. After being a small engine tech myself for years, probably cleaned thousands of carbs..I never clean my own, don't have to. even on fuel injected sleds, there is a small amount of fuel stored in the injector when you shut the engine off, the fuel will break down inside the...
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    How many folks are taking the money they are not spending and saving for a side by side??

    bought a new shop toy, replaced my old and busted plasma cutter. would rather be riding and spending $ up north.
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    Thought I broke a belt running at 95 but didn't...

    lack of lubrication on the hyfax?? high speed running and they started melting/sticking to your track clips...that'll slow ya down in a hurry.
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    Not encouraging at all 😢

    Glad i got some miles on in the Yoop last weekend, would have rode at home but all my stuff is stashed in the U.P. This Winter, I tell Ya........................ back to mud shortly.
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    Storm Central for Tuesday

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    One of your memorable moments

    My Brother, a buddy and I used to do alot of back pack trips across the U.P. This particular trip had to be 10 yrs ago, we started in Gwinn and headed towards Baraga, somewhere outside Baraga, my brothers Arctic cat powder special died on the trail, we could not get it to fire and did determine...
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    Favorite stops from back in the day..

    We have had some fun in the Bergalnd bay bar when Tom and his wife had it, always enjoyed reading his journal as well. Tom still around ?
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    All Things Christmas

    As a Kid my Dad would take us to the Village fire department, he was a member and had a key, anyway, he would take my sister , brother and me to climb around on the trucks and smell them, ya fire trucks have a smell....then magically when we got home several hours later the presents were...
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    Favorite stops from back in the day..

    For years we used to stop at SQUEAKS in Pence, WI good times were had there, another from when i was a young man, the strip club in Eagle River that burned down....the name escapes me.??
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    Dog Rescue on Lake Superior

    Great Story...I must confess, if that's my dog, i'm jumping in.
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    If Your Dog Could Talk...

    words to remember, thx Gary
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    The Journal; Thoughts from Gracie

    Thank you very much Gracie for sharing, stand tall young lady.
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    Birthday Greetings for Mezz

    hey Mezz, Happy Birthday to you