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    Happy Birthday garyl62

    have a great day garry
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    Auto experts: oil seepage

    oil spills every time the oil filter gets removed it runs some where
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    john Deere x584

    was hoping it was bigger , we have a 48" now and need more
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    john Deere x584

    what size deck does it have
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    John deer X584 for sale

    what size deck , how many ponys
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    Auto experts: oil seepage

    they did leave the lugs loose too
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    Auto experts: oil seepage

    do you ever have to add oil
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    Meanwhile, on Lake Superior

    lots of reefs and many ship wrecks , if they can hit a bridge i guess they can run aground
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    Meanwhile, on Lake Superior

    the bottom of the lake
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    My vehicle was totaled by my insurance company

    sales tax should be included also
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    Guardian brand A/C

    if you have to ask it may be to much
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    Gas Apps

    isnt rec gas have to be corn free
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    Gas Apps

    be careful the holiday in spooner has 91 with corn
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    First camp trip of the year this weekend!

    text me if you need a pull
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    A not just for hunting deer stand/tree fort

    look on you tube , i am going to build a 10'x12'
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    Building / Shop advice

    thanks , makes me feel better , it turned out very nice going to power wash the walls and clean the the new cement as they cut for controlled cracks, i have had sand floor for 30 years never could empty it all at one time , its just like Christmas
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    Building / Shop advice

    poured my slab monday , 36x56 5" , with 16x3 6" aprons , 15k
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    Last year vs This year

    you didnt even use that fire wood
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    It's 2024, Let's Fish!

    even the bigger lakes near spooner are ice free , way to early
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    Happy Birthday Indy_500, justwantosled & snowman22

    happy birthday youngster