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    My vehicle was totaled by my insurance company

    My wife is on her 4th Grand Cherokee, and they have all been bullet proof. They've all be V-8's and get decent (low to mid 20's) mileage. She run's them to nearly 200,000 miles with no issues. Personally, I've never driven a vehicle that is as sure footed as these Jeeps have been!
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    Thank you for the Journal Nora

    We have a new journal entry. Thank you very much Nora!
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    Ads are out of control

    With all the adds some are experiencing, for so long now, is this why it's so quiet on here for so long now? I Don't get any.
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    Ads are out of control

    Ad blocker blocked 353 adds on the opening page and 6 here?
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    Meanwhile, down at the Boat Landing...

    It does work incredibly well. Reminds me of the bear bond tape Nascar uses. Get it stuck together and you will not get it separated. I put some on a leaking deer blind roof when it was raining two years ago and it's still on and keeping the water out.
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    I just looked at my blocking stats and it shows 352 adds blocked on this site in less than one minute. Never seen such a high number on any site before.
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    I have none?
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    saddle bag trips?

    We always just rode till we were ready to be done and it always worked out. Most of our trips were during the week so that helped.
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    Interesting Snowmobiling pictures

    Oh no, someone is going to have to back up!
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    I see TASA & Paradise sent them out. Results look good so far and should provide for a couple days of decent riding.
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    Here in the central lower peninsula, we went from 74 degrees yesterday to 19 degrees today. Shorts & t-shirts yesterday and back to Winter garb today!
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    It’s not over!

    Well-known member Yesterday at 8:42 PM New Add bookmark #9 We ate in their “outdoor pavilion” area! They built it for when the restaurant overflows. 20x40 pole shed spray foamed inside and heated. VERY warm with picnic tables inside. They have TVs set up in there, and an intercom system. They...
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    It’s not over!

    Typical day at the stump during a normal winter would have more than that.
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    How many folks are taking the money they are not spending and saving for a side by side??

    We've put on over 60,000 miles with 4 different units in the last 10 years and still love it. Normally ride somewhere everyday.
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    Snowmobile GPS thoughts?

    The only time I've struggled with this Garmin VV Mapping setup was planning a saddle bag trip from central lower of Michigan to central Upper Peninsula. It wanted to take me through Chicago as it knew I couldn't cross the Mighty Mac via sled. Ended up having to plan two trips. One to Mackinaw...
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    Snowmobile GPS thoughts?

    Garmin Zumo with VV Mapping has worked great for me on both the sled and SxS. The Zumo is actually marketed as a motorcycle GPS which is shock and waterproof. Turn by turn is awesome and it even shows property ownership as private, state or federally owned. I have had one on both mine & my...
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    Finally some real EV/Truck stats and...... WOW!!!

    I'm in insurance as an Independent Agent and I don't have a company that would cancel for charging in a garage. We don't have many EV's in our area but of those I know of they elect not to charge in a garage just for the increased fire hazard.
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    Polaris Mutt Mod

    Another work of art! Well done.
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    Favorite stops from back in the day..

    The old Wolf Inn & Reds Wolf Inn not even close to being the same, both in the same building though!
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    Any Good News on Condition?

    Eastern UP snowbelts picked up 6-12" yesterday of lake effect North of M28. Mid 40's and rain by Friday so that will be lost.