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    Just another day at the office

    I found a couple of a 440' we put up a few years back in the winter. This would bother climbers more than being 1500'. The grey portion in the pic is the gin pole. It is above the top of the tower to fly and install the sector mounts that the antennas are mounted on at the top of the tower.
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    Accident at Togwotee

    LANDER -- A veteran member of Teton County Search and Rescue responding to a snowmobile accident was killed Wednesday in a helicopter crash on Togwotee Pass. Ray Shriver, 63, died when the helicopter in which he was a passenger crashed about 6.7 miles south of Togwotee Mountain Lodge, according...
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    Just another day at the office

    For those who know the area, this pic is from the old broadcating tower in Sommerset WI pointing back at Dowtown Minneapolis. Aprrox 950' on the tower. I also have a pic that looks down at King Stacks 800' cooling tower. The tower is probably 20 miles to downtown.
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    I need a refresher on the Arctic Cat Z440 timing!!!

    Can someone refresh my memory on setting the timing adjustment on Sno Pro's? I have a 03 Z (fan)that I am setting up for my son and I can't remember how to set the timing. I thought it was something to the fact that you started the sled and turned the dial one way to reset it. Then you turned...
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    Thank you easter bunny!!! Cody

    Just got back from the Snowies. I really like all of those guys that don't need guides. They leave so much extra playroom for us!!!!!! Thank you Cody for a great time. I will get pictures uploaded shortly. Easter weekend we rode with at least 10 ft of snow under us!
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    Why Polaris can hand out bonuses

    While I understand the need to make a profit, i thought I would share how they can make MONSTER PROFIT!!!! I picked up a use xc 120 for my son. It needed a couple things to clean it up but overall it is in good shape. I did opt for some aftermarket parts because they were generally better...
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    Hats off to Paul @ Sled Solutions

    We need more people like Paul in this industry. Customer service is a lost art but the people at SS haven't lost it. I was desperate for one of his tunnel bags for a trip out west. Sled Solutions said they would be getting some in and would call me as soon as their shipment came in. I didn't...
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    Large gear bag!!!

    I am looking for a large gear bag. Approx 36x14x14". Pockets at each end that can hold boots. Center area big enough for helmet, jacket, bibs, and extras. I really don't care if it has wheels. Most of what I am seeing out there is either cheap or to small. I want a bag big enough that...
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    Ski Doo 98 Mach I with ignition issue

    Ok I have an interesting one. 700 tripple in a CK chassis. The sled will run for a short while (2-3 minutes) and then just die out with no spark. After a minute it will start back and do it all over again. I know these sleds have had some wiring harness issues so I pulled the harness and...
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    04 600sdi with dead guages and will not start.

    A friend brought me his SDI that quit running this weekend. It ran two days without a glitch and on the third day it would not restart after a short break. Being that the conditions had a lot of moisture in the air, I brought it in and thawed it out. I have new relays and battery in the...
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    Arctic Cat Tech's I need some Spec's

    I can not find my older cat service manual. I need some altitude specs for a 2001 600 pwdr special 136 VEV/carb'ed. If my memory serves me right it gets mains and pilots and clutch weights but it has been a few years!!! Thank you in advance!!! Doo Dr
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    Friday pictures. Let's start the weekend with a smile

    I was looking through some pictures and thought it would be fun to share. I'll start with some very funny pic's. I call this group "Stupid Sledders". It was a spring time search and rescue. Just sleds not people.