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    Retirement Scenario

    Minocqua prices are ^^
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    I'm seeing low 40's for temp next week for SE WI, I'm guessing we will see more rain then snow. Northwoods I see temps around 32 degrees.
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    Mercury Avator 7.5E 15'' Outboard Motor

    I found a deal new in box $700 off normalish $3400 price.
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    Mercury Avator 7.5E 15'' Outboard Motor

    Looking at purchasing one for a Family property to use on a small 14ft. Will be used to travel to and from the property channel is 200 yards across. Anyone have an experience with it?
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    If they roll out 25 sleds, I would assume someone would need to purchase the basically new 24's. It will be interesting this year, to see how the used sled market fairs...I've already seen huge discounts on used and new sleds.
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    2025 Sleds

    Ski-doo has an in depth video on YouTube of all the changes for 2025 models. Seems interesting with the front suspension, I'd like to see real world experiences not paid "ambassadors".
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    Keweenaw trip Feb 4th-8th

    Stop at the Michigan house The Peppadew Panini is one of my favorites
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    Keweenaw trip Feb 4th-8th

    I'm heading up March 1st to 4th for vacation. Mezz do you know if the Copper Axe is open for Axe throwing?
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    One can hope, but temps don't cold enough to open the trails, plus there isn't much frost. Unless you have private property to run around on.
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    Keweenaw trip Feb 4th-8th

    This was from last year, trails were great for a few days then started to get soft snow was melting off the roads. I don't believe they have much snow up currently. Highly recommend downloading the groomer tracker app
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    What trip(s) have you cancelled so far?

    Confirmed Tornado SE Wisconsin last night, first in recorded history for Feb...
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    Still "might" get a week of riding in 🤞

    I'm still hopeful. Heading up to the Keweenaw March 1st. for a get away, bringing the sled up last min if conditions warrant.
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    We need to be reminded $$$

    Yes, that last few years manufacturers/distributors have used every excuse to raise prices to collect record profits. Things are slowly changing some markets quicker then others.
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    Thought I broke a belt running at 95 but didn't...

    There's a recall on certain models about clutch failures.
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    looking at ski doos, need advise

    My 2023 600efi MXZ, is pretty simple to work on. However, taking off the hood to access the engine is a pain...8 bolts, disconnect the wire harness and removal of both side panels.
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    looking at ski doos, need advise

    I rode a friends 2011/12 switchback 600 last Sunday for about 200miles. Did the 600s have the same problem? I was surprised at how hot it ran around 140's at times. My ski-doo without scratchers was running 105-120 in the same conditions.
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    Jan 22, 2024

    He's on the Face Book.
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    Catalyst ride reports

    Couple of years old, but if Ski doo owns 60% of the snowmobile market, I've heard Poo owns 35%, that only leaves 5% for Cat and Yamaha....not good for competition hopefully Cat bounces back.
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    Catalyst ride reports

    One thing to remember AC only own like 4% of the market. I think someone on this site did the math on how many sleds they build in a year I thought it was only a couple thousand? Over 300 miles last week in SE Wisconsin saw two catalysts.
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    Storm Central for Tuesday

    Some areas have 8+ inches by me, and some tree areas in my clubs area in Jefferson WI are bare to only a couple of inches. Picked up another 2-3 inches last night. We shall see what this next storm brings....maybe they can push snow into those areas.