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    Curt 4 Bike Tilting Hitch Rack

    Curt 4 Bike Tilting Rack for 1-1/4" and 2" Hitches (part number: C18030). Got it new a year and a half ago, and has some minor scrapes/scratches but no rust anywhere. Comes with the adapter sleeve to fit both 1-1/4" and 2" hitches and anti-wobble hitch pin that bolts the rack to the hitch...
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    2 Hankook Optimo H724 A/S P185/60R15 tires

    2 Hankook Optimo H724 A/S P185/60R15 tires. Mud and Snow rated, in good condition $100
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    4 Firestone Champion Fuel Fighter A/S 225/55R17

    4 Firestone Champion Fuel Fighter A/S 225/55R17 like new tires. Mud and Snow rated. $300.00
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    Michelin Premier A/S 225/55R17

    A set of Michelin Premier A/S 225/55R17 tires in good condition $200
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    Arctic Cat 700 Cylinder Head Assembly (03-06)

    Arctic Cat 700 Cylinder Head Assembly for 03-06 Firecat, Sabercat, and M engines. Country Cat sent 2 of these instead of cylinders, and I tried to return it, but they won't take it back. It's brand, and hasn't been opened.
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    When you ride in town

    Update since I posted earlier: The wife was angry last night and moved her car to block one entrance. This morning in the narrow gap between the car and the Private Driveway, Do Not Enter sign she said there were snowmobile tracks. No possible way a person didn't realize they were unwelcome...
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    When you ride in town

    The last group said the wanted to get "to the water". There is no access to the river or the lake nearby. There is a VFW across the street, a well marked building that nobody would confuse mine to be. Last 2 places at the end of the main street here in Ontonagon. There is nothing here to...
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    When you ride in town

    That might be fun to see!
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    When you ride in town

    Constructive input, rather than the pissy input I feel like offering. While this forum says I am a new user, I once was an avid user and an advertiser on the site. I am pro snowmobiling and know many folks that count on winter tourism. You will not find me at a council meeting trying...
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    mass city tresspasing

    It is terrible here in Ontonagon this year, the worst I have seen in the 14 yrs I have lived here. It is normal to get a couple groups per week, more on busy weekends, that blow past my signs without regard. At the end of the street where there is no business to patronize and no place sledders...
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    Measured frustration

    I have to vent. I waited a day to write this so I had time to cool off. I want to be clear in what I say, including that I am angry...but I don't want the anger to be all that comes thru. Riding snow has only been with us now for a short time this season and I am already sick and tired of...
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    Great up north house for sale

    My son and family recently moved and is selling their house. A great base camp for your Yooper travel needs!
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    Rockland open this weekend

    Apartment 7 is open for the next week or so...I would like to fill it up. 3+ bedrooms, 2 baths, indoor sauna. or text 906.390.0453
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    Think ahead

    Openings for 2 bedroom apartments in Mass City. Email for info or call 906.390.0453 Great yearly rates. I have 2 open, one is even mostly furnished. If you come up often, this is a good way to keep costs down and always have a place! Best to email or leave a voice message for...
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    A chance to make things right

    I had a visit last week at my door from a local. Said he owns a farm between Rockland and Ontonagon and that he had some significant damage done recently by sledders. He had fence that was damaged/destroyed that is used to contain his livestock and he was pretty upset. It is my understanding...
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    Lake Superior Frozen

    John, A week or so ago, I saw the link that was posted here with the pictures of Lake Superior being pretty well frozen on the west end. That weekend I was at the Porkies and could see some ice, then open water all the way to the horizon. This weekend from the Ontonagon shore, there was...
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    Snow color

    John, Something I have noticed since we moved to the WUP is the color of the snow. Sometimes you can look at it and see a real intense blue, reflective color to it. It is hard to describe but very blue, crystal clear...sorta like the water in Lake Superior when you go out a couple miles...