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    Humidity vs dew point

    Hey John, What is the difference? Im more concerned about dew point as it affects our outside conditions dramaticall on the human body. Yes high humidity is an annoyance on my windshield driving early in the morning. why isn’t dew points more focused on our weather news? I realize you live where...
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    Trail 3 Calumet

    Rode from Mohawk to Land O Lakes (trail 3; 17, 3) the whole way on Wednesday 2/2/22. Trails were flat, frozen, and fast. We left Mohawk early around 8:30am. It was very cold. timing is everything.
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    Thanks everyone
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    need expert advice: never done this route: yes I can look up trails but what is the best way to get to Hurley from Lake Gogebic? what should I expect?
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    Eastern UP help

    Thanks everyone. Lots of great info posted! Thanks, LC
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    Eastern UP help

    Hello, Looking for info on riding East in the UP. Departing from Land o Lakes, WI. Have ridden from Munising South and West everywhere but never further East. Looking for info on best trails, lodging (cool cabins, motels, hotels), and places of interests. Saddle bagging for a week. Thanks in...
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    Not use to the delay posting

    Thank you
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    Not use to the delay posting

    Looking for suggestion on riding this area. Spent the last 20 years in northern Wisconsin, western an central UP. Never been East of Munising. Looking for suggestions on cool places to stay (private rentals, vbro, hotels, or motels). Cool trails not to miss, and places of interest you have...
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    Eastern UP help

    Have ridden northern Wisconsin, western and central UP for the last 20 years. Never been East of Munising, MI. Looking for suggestion on best trails, cool lodging (priviate rental, vbro, or nice motels, hotels. Saddle bagging from LOL Wisconsin for a week. thanks in advance. Lake County
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    Cloud so

    What causes clouds to look like waves in the ocean? Very cool but was driving and could not take a pic.
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    Northern Minnesota

    Have ridden northern Wisconsin, the UP for the last 20 years. Looking for something new: thinking northern Minnesota. Thoughts, suggestions, places of interest? We only ride weekdays now and looking for an adventure. Tia Lc
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    La Nina

    Hi John. Is La Nina the primary cause of our snow drought throughout the Midwest? Seems pretty classic between Pacific air and/or southern low pressure. Thanks in advance. LC
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    Floating Docks

    Looking to see if anyone has experience with floating docks leaving them in all winter? Pro"s, con:s. TIA.
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    Irons, Cadilac, Baldwin conditions?

    Anyone in the area have current trail conditions they could share? Thank you, LC
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    Looking for lodging recommendations in West Central Lower Michigan

    Does anyone have any recommendations for lakefront lodging on Lake Michigan (or within walking distance) between South Haven and Grand Haven? Must be kid/family friendly. Not concerned about price for the right location. Thanks in advance! LC