$400 OBO - 42"- 2 Stage Snow Thrower/ Blower #486.248392


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42"- 2 Stage Snow Thrower/ Blower #486.248392 Is absolutely great condition and works amazingly! Once you use this you will not want to go back to clearing your driveway any other way. PDF copy of the original users manual is available. The only missing part is one chain that is only used during setup. I have replaced it with a wire and it works fine. It is only used to pull a spring in place, to place tension on a belt. Once the tensions applied the spring gets locked into position.

The tractor I had it mounted on was a
Craftsman DLT 2000 #917.272244

Well I think I have this price pretty fair if you don't think so make me an offer worse I can say is no...

Tire Chains - I have one set of tire chains for both rear tires. They're in good used condition.

Rear Tire Weights - Good condition but will require new bolts if removed from this tractor.
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