How hot did it get in your area this weekend?


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Curious how hot it got in your area? Duluth hit 97F on Sunday, which was a record for the day; it was also the highest September temperature on record. Brainerd, MN hit 102F, which was also a record.


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We wee up at the cabin in Finland and saw 93 on Sunday. Too fricken hot and I was working on the roof all weekend. Yuck!


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Here in the Keweenaw we had low 90's all week-end with dewpoints above 64 & humidity levels at and above 92%. The ground is still drier than a bone, at least up until last night when we finally got our 3rd siginificant rainfall of the season. I haven't checked my rain gauge yet, I know we received over an inch for sure, but the NWS said we received 2". I will check it when I get home for lunch. DING DING DING!!!! Winner Winner chicken dinner! Checked the rain guage, 2.30" of rain received last night! Thats the most singular rainfall event this summer & one that pushed our meager rain total a tad over 4". Pretty sad how dry it's been here especially considering the rest of the U.P. has been getting regular rains. I wonder what our winter will be like? A continuation of this dry below normal precip? Damn El Nino is messing this up.... Kind of curious to see what John has to say come October.
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not as hot as the libtard climate change hype machine scare mongers wanted it to be.

Overall this has been one of the most pleasant summers on record.... in my book.