Pheasant Hunting in SoDak


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I am planning a trip to the Aberdeen area in late October to hunt pheasants. I have heard that it is pretty dry out that way. Does anyone have an info on the pheasant population in that area?


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I have hunted pheasants out  in the Dakota's(more so in ND) many times, but has been a bunch of yrs now since, however I can off you some<br>  suggestion's<br> and they would be to make a few phone calls to folks in the game dept, find out the local wardens info in the area;'s your going to be and ask them for there 2 cents, be surprised how helpful some wardens can be<br> from there you can even try calling the local post office and asking for there local drivers #'s and ask them, they run the road day after day and have great insight to populations on pheasants<br> from there you can try calling a few of the local farm supply stores, most workers there also have a feel for things in there area's<br><br> but in most yrs that whole area of the state has decent bird numbers, but if in dry conditions, just target more wet area's , or area's that traditionally hold more water/moisture<br> google earth can be your friend for finding small spots many over look!