Polaris Mutt Mod


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Shirley yer not ice fishing yet..
I am not, and as wiscrev says, don’t call me Shirley.

I’m still getting a fair number of small, not very interesting things done in the shop but I won’t deny that the pace has slowed a little. Tons of spring house/yard work to be done and I’ve been pulling quite a few extra shifts at the local hardware store. Like a lot of businesses, the store is short on staff and those pesky customers are in a spring buying frenzy for everything from lawn tractors to cucumber seed.

One important thing on the project front is that the chassis/hood paint is scheduled to show up on the doorstep tomorrow. This is perfect timing as painting weather has finally arrived. The chassis will get done first and is a two step process but I'm hoping I can get it finished by Monday.


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Nice day, felt like summer. A good day for a few developments to occur.

The paint arrived as expected, so the only question was whether my 50-year-old Devilbiss gun still had some life left in it.

Since I don’t have a system to spray the chassis all at once, I started with the bottom surfaces and the pan. No real surprise there. They don’t come off the assembly line very pretty so there was no intent to improve on them. I did put a light coat on the inside of the tunnel, which is more than the factory did. The topside should have a little more finished look.

Another box of goodies that was delivered today was a nice set of 34mm carbs, complete with all cables and boots, that I got from a guy out in Reno, NV, of all places. They will have to be re-jetted a little for the 340 but should work nicely.

Looking at my photo folders, I just realized that on Sunday, it will be exactly a year since I brought this gem home. Man, how time flies!


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Well guys, she’s blue again. As is often the case, I see areas in the paint job that could be improved but I’m OK with the result. I do like this particular version of Polaris blue.

It’s just my opinion, but just slapping on the skis provides some contrast to improve the overall look of the paint. Looking forward to see what it looks like once a lot of the parts are re-installed.



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Thanks guys, things should be at a point where more stuff gets put together than taken apart. I’ve been giving some thought about a logical order on how that happens. Still have to get the hood painted, maybe this weekend?


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The plan was to paint the Mutt hood last weekend but things didn’t go quite as planned. On the first pass I noticed a couple of small areas where the paint wasn’t flowing properly (fisheye). I’m usually pretty careful but obviously there was some type of surface contamination.

At this point there was not really any recovery other than let it dry, prep it again, and re-shoot it. Problem was, I’m holding a half-full gun of expensive paint with hardener added. Fortunately, a while back I kicked around the idea of painting both the 70 and 72 hoods at the same time so I had repaired the 70 hood and got it ready. I eventually decided not to do both at the same time but since the 72 hood was now on hold, I went ahead and painted the 70 TX hood so the paint wasn’t wasted. I’ll give the Mutt hood another try on Thursday.


The 70 hood was pretty busted up but it came a long way in fairly short order. I think I’m starting to like working with fiberglass again.

I decided to add this last piece because it shows that this project is never far from my mind. A couple of days ago I was dumping the cabin garbage at the community garbage cage (keeps the bears out of the garbage) and I spotted a couple of mattress-sized pieces of foam in the cage. Taking a closer look, I realized that one piece was not mattress foam at all, but a piece of high quality foam cut to mattress size. I need foam for the seat so I grabbed the whole sheet and cut it into chunks. Since it’s the exact thickness and density I wanted and doesn’t appear to have any bodily fluid stains, it will be perfect for the seat. Who says dumpster diving doesn’t pay?