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  • Hey Doo the mud run is the weekend after Mother's Day, Sat. the 19th.Saw Scotti King a 1/2 hour ago and he wants to head up as well, anyone else want to join in? Let us know how many may come, the girls and Bill do some fine cooking after the run. For lunchit's BYO, drinks/food, we stop and roast dogs/brauts or bring whatever along,there's no pizza ovens for Scotti! Hope you all can make it
    Hey Doo. it's a for sure go, Dobson's will arrive on Wed. after their shoot in Hurley. They'd like to ride and film on Fri. and Sat.
    Well,can't figure the problem out with the sled! If I put my hand over the throttle body on the PTO side it stays running,If I puty hand over the throttle body on the mag side it stalls out! I can unplug the injector on the PTO side also and it stays running.....So thinking its an injector at this point,might take it in to the cat dealer to make sure. Sorry to cut the ride short today! Damn cats...LOL
    What dates are you heading up for the ride in? I'm trying to figure out ahead of time if I can make it...
    WOW!! The list of riders going outwest keeps getting bigger and bigger!! You think that 550 summit can handle it out there? LOL
    Thanks again for having us over last night Kris,tell Tracy thanks also. The ride home all Ethan could talk about is when he could come back and ride the jacked up golf cart!! Ha-ha.
    Well, so far Kim says he is in, and Joe says, " oh you think so eh?" So there ya have it! LOL.
    Yea, I've seen it. I like it a lot, maybe in 5 years I can afford one! LOL.

    Your wife have that baby yet?
    Hey dude, still thinking of coming up tp haydays, just not 100 perecent yet. With trail brushing weekend right after haydays, I don't know if I will go to haydays or not. Haydays costs me a lot of money LOL.

    Do you think you will make trail brushing weekend? When is your wife's due date again?
    Hey no prob! Ya i spent way to much on the fireworks...But Ethan wanted to get some,Plus i wanted to piss off the neighbors..lol.
    What are you up to on the 4th? Jenns working and Ethan and i are just hanging out,You and the family are welcome to come over and light fireworks off with us!
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