Cam Participation!


New member
John, I understand people are submitting their "cam stations" for free & I appreciate the people that keep them up & running. With that being said could we possibly (in a nice way) ask them to 1. place a well marked foot gauge (in focus & large enough to read) in the camera view? (some do this already - Great!)
2. Put up a light for 24 hr viewing 3. Ask the people (nicely) who used to have operational cameras that do not now function to get them back online. (this means you!) kidding! 4. If cameras don't work or people choose not to participate can we remove them?

Anyone else have suggestions?

This is just an ask - I'm obviously bored!


Staff member
Thanks for the suggestions, they are all very good! Unfortunately, I do not have direct communications to all of the the cam owners. So to be able to request this is not possible.

As for ones that are not updating, the months of December and early January are used as a time period for auditing them. There are quite a few that are at camps or even businesses that are empty until around the first of the year, so are brought back on line when the camp or business re-opens.

As for the poor AL Cam, the replacement cam arrived on Thursday, but now I am waiting for the replacement internet equipment to arrive so I will have the internet infrastructure to be able to stream the imagery! What a nightmare its been!

Thanks again for all of the suggestions and have a great winter!