Lake Gogebic Area - March 2

March came in like a lion as we welcomed about 5” of new snow yesterday, bringing out total for the 22-23 season to just under 200”!! Temperature is currently at 20 degrees with a forecasted high of 32 degrees today. We’ve got a bit of a warmup headed our way – and if we can get the temperature to cooperate – we will have an awesome month of riding. Groomers have indicated that they will continue to groom our trails until March 31st –so don’t put those sleds away just yet! Still good riding to be had.
Conditions in the Lake Gogebic Area are in good to excellent condition. A new groomer started this week who is dedicated to grooming our busiest trails – 8 West and 8 East on a daily basis!
The entire trail system was covered as of Tuesday night, and here’s an updated grooming report
• Trail 8 East and 8 West: groomed last night and will be groomed on a daily basis!! Groomers will be out during the day, so please use caution!
• Trail 102 - Groomed Tuesday night - groomers will be out during the day - use caution!
• Trail 13 North – groomed last night – good to excellent condition
• 13 South – groomed TODAY reported in VERY good condition!
• Trail 100: groomed TODAY reported in VERY good condition
• Trail 1s – groomed last night – reported in VERY good condition!
• Trail 1 North – groomed Tuesday night – will be groomed tonight!
Thanks very much for visiting our Lake Gogebic Area - please be sure to support the clubs where you ride!!!


My wife and I did a saddle bag trip out of Wakefield to Copper Harbor. First, trail 8 from Wakefield to Bergland is open with a small reroute.

It was in great shape wednesday the 1st, going out and friday the 3rd coming back. The real story was trail 13 from Bergland to Rockland. On wednesday it was perfect the best I have seen in recent memory. Friday it was very good, more traffic and warmer temps kept it from being as good as wednesday. All and all the Lake Gogebic groomers did a fantastic job. I keep our sleds in the area (storage unit ) from 1998 to the present so I've seen all kinds of conditions. Cheers
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