Lake Gogebic Area Snow & Trail Update

Good morning from Gogebic Area Grooming. We received 20+ inches and in some areas reported to be 30+ inches of snow. Groomer Greg went up 102 yesterday and the snow is very deep and has classified this most recent snowstorm as 2022 Snowmageddon!

Trails will continue to be opened up but at this time no drags will be pulled and grooming will not commence for a couple of days until everything is back under control.

Please bear with us as we are doing everything possible as quickly as possible. There is some great riding to be had in the next few days and we will be working hard to ensure we get our trails ready for you to enjoy!


Can you please educate me as to why you wouldn’t pull a drag and groom this new snow?

Not speaking for that Club, but there are times where just the power unit is taken out to break a path through (drifts, etc) since the machine would probably get stuck if doing that while also attached to the drag. Generally the power unit will have a blade or loader on it to push/move the snow to break the path.

That and tree removal if the winds and heavy snow brought stuff down with it. I had to move about 10 trees when grooming Fri, most were tipped in from the snow and the loader was useful enough to not need the saw to get them out of the way. But... with the drag attached, it was more tedious to maneuver to get the tree off the trail. Luckily I was not dealing with 30" of snow (just 14") at the time. We were getting drifts in the 4-5 foot range, enough to start running the loader low so as to not high-center the machine.