Lake Gogebic Area

We have been experiencing lots of traffic in the Lake Gogebic Area as we are one of the only places with good snow and riding conditions! Despite the traffic, groomers have been consistently able to get out and keep everything groomed daily and nightly. Today we have a wintry mix of rain & snow coming down with temps in the low 30’s forecasted for both today and tomorrow. Groomers will be pulled off tonight and tomorrow night and are recommending and requesting that riders stay off the trails for the next two days in order to help preserve our trail base. After Tuesday, things look up as temps are forecasted to drop into the low 20’ where they look to remain for the next several days. Snow is forecasted for Wednesday night; 4+ inches for Thursday; and then daily snow starting on Sunday and throughout the following week. This mild warmup with the wintry mix will really help out the base once the temps drop Tuesday night and with the snow that is forecasted mid-end of the week, our trails should be in excellent shape. However, with the warmer temps in the early part of the week, it could bring about some hazard and extreme caution should be used at all times!

All trails in the Lake Gogebic Area are reported to be in ok condition;

  • 8 West: there are a couple of open water spots and may open even further with the warmer temps. Culverts were put in but may not be helpful with the weather conditions. Use Extremem caution.
  • 8 East: good condition.
  • 102 – very good condition as groomers were able to get out early this morning and get it packed down before the rain.
  • 1 North: good condition – some thin spots on the North Portion
  • 1 South reroute: trail is holding up well and getting better with each pass; watch for open water spots.
  • 13 North: ok to good condition
  • Trail 100 and 13 South:– keep an out for pottential water and potential water holes opening up
Stay off the trails for the next couple of days – and as always please use common sense and caution. Always ride to the right, and anticipate that there could be a hazard around the next corner and just be safe.