Lake Gogebic Area

ake Gogebic Area Grooming Update:
The Lake Gogebic Area has been an area of extremely high traffic and groomers have been doing all they can to keep up with the volume of visitors! Thanks go out to the cold temperatures for coming in strong and helping to close up any remaining spots. Cold temperatures are to remain constant this week with mid 20’s during the week and down into the teens in the evenings. Snow is forecasted for several days this week and we will see what happens!
• Trail 8 East: groomed Sunday night and is reported to be
good, flat and fast!
• Trail 8 West: Groomed Saturday and in good condition and
water holes have sealed up!
• Trail 13North: Also groomed Sunday night – it’s like a snow
paved highway and reported in good condition.
• Trail 1 North: was groomed Saturday night – good condition.
• Trail 1 South: good condition
• Trail 102: groomed Saturday night. In good condition.
• Trail 100 and South end of Lake Gogebic – all trails have been
groomed and reported in good condition.
Groomers will be out every night of the week – and let’s just keep our fingers


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I would have to disagree some of this posting everything to the south, 1 to Marenisco and then PI awesome. 100 to 13 south Goode’s good also. Trail 1 west shore moguls trail that goes around top end of lake moguls also. This was on Monday morning. And looking at it this morning.