Lake Gogebic Area

Gogebic Area Trails are all reporting to be in good to excellent condition. Today is going to be very cold, so be sure to dress for it and plan out your route and gas stops. About 1-2” of new snow overnight and woke up to snow this morning. All trails in the Lake Gogebic Area are being groomed daily. Trails are holding tight with slight studder bumps in corner, hills and stop and start sections. Snow cover is good – but wouldn’t mind another foot right about now! Enjoy the weekend – it’s going to be a great time to get out and ride!
Gag has had some equipment challenges, but fortunately they had been able to resolve them and all groomers are out running the trails!


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Yes they did have groomers down by as of now looks like there groomers are back up and running according to groomer tracker. Marenisco groomer is doing 1-100-13 now so probably will be doing 1 to PI in the morning