Wyoming, Early March 2014 - Good Time!


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After watching Bob’s WY video I was inspired to put together a short story on a recent trip to the Togwotee/Lava Mtn. area. We did mostly meadow and foothill riding so it doesn’t showcase the same skills as Bob’s but everyone, including myself, is still learning (never too late to learn, right?). Besides the riding was so dang nice, it just never got old – mile after mile of fresh powder.

I wish I had taken some video early in the trip because the fluff was just crazy but, as the footage shows, even after a couple of days of settling there was plenty of fresh snow to play in.



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looks like a ton of fun for all
I miss the days when I used to both be physically abl eot ride and well could afford it!
loosing my job , and the funds it gave me, and then my health, sure makes me miss the days being able to ride
so enjoy guys, and many more good yrs to you's


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Thanks mrbb for the good wishes. For one reason or another, we’ll all be your position at some point. Until then, it’s foolish not to make the most of it. Myself, I’m fast approaching 50 years of riding and man does time fly. It seems like only yesterday that I was riding in style on my Skee-Horse.

Weird thing is, I’m still learning new riding techniques. The western riding has introduced a whole new set of challenges and I guess that’s what keeps it fresh. Don’t get me wrong, I still suck but I learned some things on this last trip that made it even more special. Without a doubt, this was the best western trip ever and I’m thankful to have been able to experience it.

I’ll definitely know when It’s time to hang it up but like you, I know I will miss it when I climb off that sled for the last time.
Thanks Again!


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Looks like your getting a pretty good handle on that PRO to me Kelly!!

One thing you can clearly tell in the video, is how little effort it takes to get that machine where you want it to go. You don't even hardly have to counter steer to get it layed over. Just a shift of your weight and it's going in the right direction!


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Have to agree that the balance of these sleds is pretty amazing. Transitions to a new direction do seem almost effortless. It really will dance in the powder.

But, as the video also clearly shows, no sled can overcome major operator malfunction