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  • Hi Brad. Our old house on Logan is on the market and the Realtor asked who farms that back parcel, is it you or do you know who? Thanks Sue and Rod
    Hey sue brad here wondering if there is any snow around lake woods we are supposed to come up Friday for our annual couples trip. We are supposed to stay til Tuesday. is there any chances coming up? Thanks
    Thought I'd let you know we lost our Hailey to congestive heart failure on Labor Day. She was 2 months cancer free when we noticed she was breething heavier than normal Sunday noon before Labor Day. As a precaution, to took her to ER where, after all kinds of testing; they diagnoised it as a broncile infection and treated with meds. 2 am Labor Day morning she sounded like fluid in lungs so back to ER. Then they determined the heart. Wht was upsetting, my wife told them the first time she thought it was the heart, but testing did not support it. Really hit my wife hard cause we just had her mother pass 5 days before unexpectedly.
    Is the snow settled out or is there powder in the trees and off chutes of FR's? I suspect it was heavy snow, but it would be nice to play in a little powder. Although, the wet snow we got is best for the trails and trail riders. My wife and I ride 155" & 144". Been renting a house in Mass City, Mi for two years, but after last years early melt down we opted to save money. Plus, the drive was gettting old. We are so excited to ride Bayfield County. OMG- I forgot about the Wienie Roast. How busy do the trails get? Good thing I am going north and hiding in the woods Saturday.
    Hi Dobe. Located a full blooded male Akita in Aikely. We have always gotten our dogs from shelters or rescue places but this time it looks like we will have to go the breeder route. I am like you in that it would be better to get an unwanted dog but Akitas have proven to be tough. They want $1000 bucks but by the time you get something from a shelter it is going to cost at least half of that anyway. My girls want this so I guess we will pursue it. Thank you for the contact. The Wisc DNR report says Washburn county is now closed to sledding. It has been in the 30's here all week and it is supposed to be 40-45 tomorrow. And we are 300 miles north of you. Not looking good.
    It's Grub again. From your posts and your handle I am assuming you are a dog person which is good. We lost our 14 year old German Shepard just about a year ago. He just got old and finally got a tumor and we had to put him down. I still hate the thought of it. But I really miss him as do my 2 daughters. They have decided they want an Akita to replace him although no dog ever will. Do you know of any young male Akitas for sale any where near you? I will drive out to you if need be. Thank You . Tom.
    Thankyou, thankyou to your hubby, his hard work paid off, the trails were awesome, and yes I hope the public comes and spends alot of dollars!!! My folks have a cabin in the area and we always bring family and friends up with us. We love it up there, it's the closest place to heaven! Again thank that hubby!
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