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  • Indy you going to any of the sneak peak shows?
    I would like to but need to get off work.
    Geez, no snow what are doing with all your free time? Or is your yard all ripped up. lol
    "The wear pattern on the exhaust suggest the cylinder is worn out of round allowing piston to contact cylinder wall.
    Scrapes on piston suggest either carbon from the top or engine ingested something.
    Amount of carbon present on piston top suggest poor jetting or bad choice in oils."
    You seem to be a pretty industrious kid who wants to learn more about motors.A wealth of information that is fact can be had by researching the volumes of S.A.E. white papers.

    First of all, good luck with your rebuild. I did include this guys quote from your thread that was interesting...he mentioned "a bad choice of oils". I might have to let Skylar know in case he missed it. Also, you mentioined something about buying a fusion...well please listen to some of us and get a Arctic Cat. I used to own a Polaris when I was your age but made the switch.(1987 Indy Trail that was bullet proof). All in fun, but seriously, I hope everything works out for ya.

    Are you interested in a brand new Ultimax belt? I have one left over from when I sold my sled, a '99 xcsp 700. I think that's what you have. I paid $85 for it.
    Indy, Where did you get the decals that you have on each side of your hood? I am thinking about doing something similar to me Red '00 Po 600 XCSP.

    Indy, where you riding this weekend? I'll probably just be on winnebago if want to meet up and don't have any other plans.
    ok, thank you. I am looking for a little but more rise than what I already have(2 inches.) so basicaly I want to go to a four or five inch rise to make it a little bit easier to ride.
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