Polaris Mutt Mod


Excellent job, echoing everyone else's comments. When following these from my perspective, I never look or expect a short turnaround. I consider it a marathon, not a sprint! The results show everything.


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Is the freezer full of fish yet?
Funny…Not really. In fact, I’ve only fished once so far this winter and the supply is getting low but I’m hoping to correct that problem in Feb. and March. Have a couple of extended outings planned.

It’s kind of a weird feeling seeing the shop like this. Not a sled in sight and the section of the bench where I keep a lot of my parts for a current project is empty. It is nice to have some time to take a breath, regroup, and reorganize though. I’ve been able to catch up on a bunch of stuff that has been neglected.
Could there be another project in the works someday? Maybe, if I figured I could get it done in a timely manner.


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Did you happen to see the 1974 Skiroule for sale on Facebook?
I don't miss too many but I didn't see that one. The Skiroule snowmobiles still have a really loyal following. Like so many snowmobile brands of the day, if they had been able to build a better dealer network, things might have turned out differently for the company.


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Finally managed to load up a couple sleds and get out to a show in East Grand Forks this weekend. As with a lot of the Midwest, it didn’t look much like winter. Brown grass and bare pavement instead of snowbanks and ice-covered asphalt.

In spite the uncooperative winter it was a great show with lots of cool stuff to see, like this Thunder Jet racer. Talked to the guy that used to race this very sled back in the day. He had some great stories and also brought four of his other race sleds to the show.

The restoration bar is usually set pretty high at these events and this pair of Masseys is just one example. Beautiful sleds.

Sleds aside, one of the best things about these events is the interesting and friendly people that you meet. There’s probably no place on the planet where it’s easier to strike up a conversation than at a vintage sled show.

Speaking of interesting and friendly people, since it was his home turf, I managed to track down the bear rassling legend, Bearrassler himself. Been several years since I went on a ride with him and some of his ND friends and tried to keep them from getting more than one zip code ahead of me.

It probably wasn’t quite the same as the Centurion he used to ride but I thought he looked right at home on the seat of the Mutt.