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When we bought our place up here in MW, it came with a Whirlpool, freezer on top, it’s got to be old but runs great (probably just jinxed myself) older side by side GE in the basement, was in our garage when we lived down south, good to go and old as well. We bought a bunch of brand new Samsung appliances that we left with the house when we sold it. My wife loved them, freezer on the bottom, crisping drawer, etc. she really liked the washer/dryer from Samsung. I just try to do my homework and get a decent price, hard to do these days with FJB!
Consider yourself lucky that you sold the fridge with the house. By now the new owners are probably fighting water in the crisping drawer, water on the floor, freezing food in the back, or unsafe food temps like other Samsung customers.


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I have an Amana for 20 years has been great ice make broke but do not use water from it either. We use a 0 water filter now and bought a nugget ice maker that I use. Make a few bags of ice and good for awhile.


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I have had to fix flood issues in the last 7 yrs with the GE icemaker/h20 dispencer computer at fault . Always seams to happen when hime owner is out of town .
It is a known thing don't believe me call a insurace adjuster . Just like I can't believe any insurace company still insuers any sled over a 136 I can't believe they will still insure a house with a ge fridge with h20 in the door


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I have a French Door GE [8 years] and it has been great. Ice in door and lower freezer as well. The bottom ice maker was an add-on.
I have a Amana. It has to be 20 plus years. It was here when I bought the house. Still works, hope I am not jinxing myself. I just keep the coils clean. Ice maker doesn't work like it use to, but o.k. with that. Kind of ironic But NBC news from Chicago had a report that there is a class action suit against LG and Sears for faulty compressors They have know for years they were bad.


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Well looks like we solved that for Indy......shall we move onto sofa's??😂😂

Spent last 4 weekends shopping sofa's....ask away.😭😭
Pretty happy with both of my England sectionals. Purchased both 3.5 yrs ago when we moved into this home, holding up pretty decent thus far, unlike our bob’s furniture sectional that was maybe 2 years old and falling apart at our old house. England is a division of LaZBoy, purchased ours at Ashley Furniture.
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Is there a go-to brand preferred? Every year at tax time I upgrade something in my house and this year it’s time to replace my 9 yr old Frigidaire “professional series” refrigerator that came with the house when it was built. Makes a ton of weird noises, the latch system doesn’t work, continually gives me power fail alarms, tons of ice buildup inside, but overall happy it’s made it 9 years I guess, as things just don’t last these days. Tell me what you like and don’t like!! Somebody on here has got to have some knowledge on the subject… Would consider getting an entire appliance if deal is to be had if that matters.
So weird this topic came up now went to make the hubby a drink after work last week and ice was floating in water, no warning no weird noises whirlpool 18 years old so going with another whirlpool home depot had one just like we had so went that way again, would of liked to buy from an actual appliance dealer with service but closest one I know is in Marshfield which is 50 miles from home. should be here Friday so some of the winter fun fund will go for this instead of gas and rooms... much rather spend it on the later than a boring appliance. Looks like the fat lady sang! bring on spring. On the upside the 2014 vector and 2022 skidoo 900 renegade are ready for next year's season. 1 day out 110 miles on Kellner knight's trails and Rome snow bandits. Maybe next year we will make up for it. Fingers crossed.


Our GE that we purchased (9) years ago (along with GE Range, Dishwasher and Microwave as a set) crapped out 4 weeks ago and guess what, replacement parts are no longer available (fan motor went out on the refridge).

Being so cold we were living out of coolers in the un-heated garage until we could get a new one in.... LOL........ We did buy the matching GE that looks pretty much like the old one, so apparently only the parts to make them work are no longer available, but the doors, handles, drawers, etc are still the same..... :(
Our fan went out last week too. Repair guy came to troubleshoot. Had the fan on his truck. had it working in 20 minutes. It’s a GE sxs with freezer drawer below. I think somebody wanted to sell you a new one.